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Selecting and Applying to a College


  • Research tips when choosing a college

    The college selection process can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming--there's a lot to research, and you'll want to help your child find a school that's a good match. To get started, visit the websites that many colleges now have, or use college guidebooks. Your child will likely be interested in the college's size, geographic region, academic offerings, and quality of life, while you'll be interested in cost and financial aid. Working together, you and your child can create a list of colleges to apply to, including a core group and a couple of "safety" and "stretch" schools.

  • The college application process

    Choosing references, writing a personal essay, assembling transcripts and SAT scores, meeting deadlines--they're all part of the college application process. The process may seem overwhelming, but it's important that your child package this information the best way possible. This is especially true for reference letters and the personal essay, either of which can be the deciding factor in an admission. Also, colleges often favor applicants who demonstrate a real passion in one or a few extracurricular pursuits. Most colleges allow early and regular admissions, and many accept on-line applications.