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Preparing for College


  • Four Things to Do in the Four Years Before College

    For your child, high school means football games, a driver's license, SATs, and the prom. For you, it means college is right around the corner. Before your child starts touring college campuses, here are four things you can do to get ready.

  • Helping your child make the transition from high school to college

    Your child may adjust to college life more easily knowing he or she has your support and encouragement. If you've discussed money management, drugs and alcohol, and the range of emotions--anxiety, exhilaration, exhaustion--that all students face, your child will know what to expect. And just knowing the first few months will be hard can help your child make a smooth transition into college life. Encourage your child to develop good study habits and stay on top of the workload. And do send an occasional care package!

  • Talking to Your Child about College Expectations

    If you're the parent of a high school student who's looking ahead to college, it's important to have a grown-up conversation with your child about college expectations. A frank discussion can help everyone get on the same page. Here are some talking points.