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College Costs


  • Net Price College Calculators

    In the world of higher education, it's common to hear industry experts say that few students attending college pay full "sticker price," which is the official version of a college's total costs. Yet with nothing else to go on, many students end up basing their college search, and ultimate school selection, on just that--pure sticker price. But this may be about to change.

  • Sticker Shock: Creative Ways to Lower the Cost of College

    There are ways you and your child can lower college costs if the bills seem out of your range. Perhaps the college offers tuition discounts or other flexible payment plans. Or maybe your child will qualify for an accelerated program and can graduate in a shorter time. Some children take advanced placement courses in high school and require fewer college courses. Your child can also consider a cooperative education program, attend a community college for a couple of years, live at home, or even take a year off to save money. Look into the many possibilities.

  • Ways Grandparents Can Help with College Costs