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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Sep 30, 2013.


My husband just passed away last Monday.I cannot find out if he had life insurance anywhere. I have scoured through his papers with no luck. His job was at U-Haul as part time and he did not have any through there that we can find. How can i find out if there is anything out there to help me.


Did your husband have a will? If so, perhaps talk with the attorney that drafted the will and ask him about any conversations that he may have had with your husband. You can always look back through your bank statements to see if there were any payments to insurance companies, typically through monthly bank drafts. Since your husband's employer did not provide life insurance, this may be the best way to see if he had been paying any premiums. If you have a bank lockbox or other place where your husband kept important papers, you should look there first.

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