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Jim Kirby, CPA/PFS


What markets does Jim work in?

Jim will help you make smart decisions in all areas involving money. Whether you are retired or close to retirement, Jim will help you sort things out. Whether you are a small or not-so-small business owner, Jim will help you potentially lower your income taxes and determine the best way for you to transition your wealth to the next generation. With his background as a CPA, he looks for ways to help you minimize or defer income taxes when selling large assets, such as real estate or a business.


In 1988, Jim was one of the first CPA’s to receive the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) designation. This is a designation awarded to CPA’s who specialize in helping clients with personal financial planning advice. He has received many awards in the financial services industry over the years. Jim became a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in 1986.

How Jim got started in the business

Shortly after he opened his CPA practice in 1978, clients would ask Jim to help them with personal financial planning issues. Jim didn’t feel competent to help them at the time, so he sought out a financial planner to refer them to. Later, when he followed up with those clients, he found out they had bought limited partnership interests instead of receiving sound financial planning advice. That’s when he decided to get involved in helping his accounting and tax clients in this area. He became a specialist in the area of providing financial advice to individuals and later decided to devote all of his time to this area.

State: California

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