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Total Tax Insights Calculator

Get a clearer view of the taxes you pay

Where you live, what kind of car you drive, how you shop – all can have a significant impact on the taxes you pay. All told, there are more than 20 types of taxes – some that may surprise you – and knowing which you pay and how much you pay can affect not only your current financial picture but your future plans as well.

That’s the purpose of the Total Tax Insights calculator.

Total Tax Insights is the first tax calculator to estimate your annual tax obligation based on your place of residence and your own circumstances. It gives you a clear, comprehensive view of the estimated amount you pay for more than 20 of the most widely applied taxes, including federal, state, local, Social Security and Medicare, sales, property and gasoline.

Fast, easy and free

Just go to and click on the state or jurisdiction where you live. Select the county and/or city where you live, then fill in your marital status, number of dependents, and federal adjusted gross income (actual or estimated) to get your estimated annual tax bill within seconds.

Gain meaningful insights that can make a real difference

Once you get a clearer picture of the types and amounts of taxes you pay, you may well find that you can make better informed decisions – from where you live and the kind of car you drive to how you shop and save. 

You can also budget your tax bill into your financial plans and even find ways to reduce your overall tax obligation.

Brought to you by the CPA profession

Total Tax Insights was developed to help you work toward better tax planning and long-term financial planning. It is a public service of the American Institute of CPAs, a longtime advocate for sound tax policy, tax simplification and taxpayer education.

For questions about your personal tax and financial situation, speak to your CPA.

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