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  • Be Prepared: Protect Your Health

    Protecting the life and health of you and your family will be your top priority if a disaster hits. Luckily there are steps you can take now to prepare.  

  • How to Get the Best Value from Auto Insurance

    Auto insurance can add a lot to the cost of owning and maintaining a car, but there are several ways drivers can reduce their premiums and get the most value from their insurance.  

  • Life Insurance: Understand Your Choices

    Picking a life insurance policy is a complicated decision, so it’s important to research each choice and consider your needs.

  • Auto Insurance for 20-Somethings

    If you're a single driver under age 25, your premiums are the highest of all drivers under age 70. To lower your costs, consider raising your deductible or choosing a car in a low risk category (rather than an appealing hot rod). If you don't have significant assets or a relatively new car, selecting your state's minimum coverage may be sufficient. And if you live at home and drive your parents' car, they'll probably get a better rate than if you owned the car and paid the premiums yourself. But take heart--at age 25, you'll move into a new (and slightly lower) risk category.

  • 5 Smart Tips on Home Insurance