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Disaster Action Plan: 5 Key Steps to Protect Your Family and Finances

The COVID-19 pandemic, superstorms like Sandy, Irene and Katrina, and a seemingly endless onslaught of floods, wildfires and tornadoes have dramatized the destruction that can come upon us from unexpected events with little or no warning. You can’t predict the next disaster that will affect your life, but the right preparation can help you mitigate the impact and help you rebuild and move forward. Below you will find 5 key steps you can take now to protect your family and finances.


1. Put Together an Effective Disaster Plan

A sound plan, tailored to your unique circumstances including the most likely emergencies in your area, your home layout, and your family members (including pets) can help you face the next disaster with a good road map rather than scramble and panic.  Here are some points to get started:

Making a Disaster Plan for Your Family

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2. Be Financially Prepared

Unexpected events, ranging from natural disasters to accidents or illnesses to car breakdowns, can quickly bring on substantial costs you’ll have to manage. Here are some tips to help you be ready to get through the financial stress: 

Be Financially Prepared in an Emergency!



3. Review Your Insurance Policies

Insurance coverage can help you recover and rebuild from the severe losses that can come from disasters and other unexpected events. Here are some steps you can take to make sure your insurance fits your current situation and is ready to protect you from a devastating loss: 

Make Sure You Have the Right Insurance Before Disaster Strikes



4. Protect Important Financial Documents

Inability to locate or delays in locating key documents like personal identification papers, property deeds, bank account and credit card information, wills or powers of attorney can add to the stress of coping with a disaster and the difficulty of recovering and rebuilding.  Here are some tips to help you identify and protect the documents you’re likely to need:

Important Financial Documents Families Should Safeguard



5. Make an Estate Plan

Sadly, the devastation from a disaster like a pandemic, earthquake, hurricane, fire or flood, or an accident or illness, can result in severe injury or loss of life, and financial disarray can add to the stress and heartache of the survivors. Here are some key points on how to make an estate plan that can assist your family and assure that your assets are distributed as you wish: 

How an Estate Plan Protects Your Loved Ones