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Save Wisely, Spend Happily

Save Wisely

Now, for the first time, financial experts from all over the country have come together to tell you the truth about money-how to make it, how to keep it, and how to have it work for you. With this book from the American Institute of CPAs in hand, you have access to the financial expertise and advice of the country's most trusted financial professionals.

Best-selling author, financial literacy expert, and CPA, Sharon Lechter brings together the insights, tools, and strategies from 125 CPAs, including: 30 tips to reduce expenses and 10 tips to raise your credit score; ways to save for your kids' college tuition and retirement (at the same time!); how to set a financial goal and achieve it; how to find the best financial advisor to guide you along your way; and more! Learn not only to navigate tricky money issues that can pop up throughout your life but to recognize and seize opportunities that can create financial wins along your journey. Filled with detailed information and personal stories-many from contributors' own life experiences-this book will propel you to financial success.

May you save wisely and spend happily.  
"You have no idea how grateful my husband and I are for such guidance. Finances have always been a point of contention between us, and this book really gives a clear direction as to how to solve the issues and make a real plan for the future. I am already on chapter 3 and plan to implement all the techniques it promotes!"---Poonam, New Jersey  
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