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Build a Perfect (Financial) Union

Let’s not beat around the bush: marriage is a complex relationship on many levels, and it’s not a partnership to be entered into lightly. Committing your life to someone also has the potential to be the most rewarding partnership you’ll ever have, emotionally…and financially. That is, if both partners work together from the start to achieve their joint financial goals.

While finances might not be the sexiest conversation to have with your significant other, sharing your hopes and dreams for the future is.

That’s all money is: the catalyst to make that crazy, sexy future together a reality.

So before you tie the knot, disentangle yourself from the notion that money talk is taboo. Enlist a third-party if you have to—as in a financial advisor, like a CPA. And before you lift that veil, unveil your less-than-stellar money habits to your future spouse. After all, marriage is for better or worse, and richer or poorer—but let’s aim for the former.

Here’s some advice for getting you through this exciting time in your lives...