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Spend Less on Utilities, Save More for Life

You know what’s a drain? Energy bills. The same goes for phone bills, water bills, cable and Internet bills – really any kind of bill that costs you money, which they all do. But therein lies the opportunity: instead of thinking of bills as monthly nuisances, consider them as opportunities to spend less and save more.

You can start by calling up your utility providers to negotiate better packages, bundles and deals. You can also look to eliminate expenses that you don’t really need, like premium cable channels.

You can and should do those things, like now. Then don some scuba gear and explore the rest of that iceberg with these money saving strategies. Its depth is deep, like your pockets could be by the end of the month. Here are some other money saving tips.

Power down.

Did you know that 75% of the energy used by your computer is wasted on sleep mode? If it's not in use, then turn it off.

Go unplugged. 

And even if it’s plugged in when turned off, it may still be drawing power. This is especially true for larger appliances, like your TV.

Move outside. 

When the weather permits, choose the sun over light bulbs to cut down on electricity. Energy savings also abound when you grill your food instead of nuking or searing it.

Turn it off, all of it. 

Depending on where you live, chances are that for a third of the year you can live without heating and air conditioning. Challenge yourself to a duel: how long can you outlast the thermostat?

Check for leaks.

Losing warmed or cooled air to a crack in the door is like throwing money out your window. With a little DIY-initiative, you can eliminate waste with weather stripping, door sweeps and caulking.

Do not touch that dial. 

Every time you adjust your thermostat, it takes a significant amount of energy for the temperature to catch up. Set your thermostat to a centigrade you can live with comfortably. Then grab a blanket or sweater when you need that extra cuddle.

In case you need another excuse to bake. 

Winter is cold, wet and uncomfortable. That’s why you need comfort food. When that need kicks in,bake. When you're done, turn the oven off but leave the door open to trap some of that heat in your home.

Applying these ideas to your utility plan will free up your cash and your lifestyle. So kick back, veg out and save dough with your one (and only one) favorite premium channel.

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