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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Feb 15, 2013.


i have been living in the home of a friend for over ten years, he wants a relationship but i do not but i am a trusted care giver to him including his financials. He carelessly started a fire and i lost all of my personal property inside the house, which was a lot. He has since filed a huge insurance claim as the home was a total loss. the insurance agent somehow got the insurance to cover my belongings. he then got a check which was the 90 day required non-disputed part of the claim. there were thousands of dollars for my belongs, e.g., ladies clothes, shoes, etc. in the partial itemization of the personal properation portion of the claim. i am the only woman in the home but he and his family say the money is his and i cannot have any. i am upset and i do not think this is fair. what should i do.


This seems to be a legal issue. I would suggest you consult an attorney.

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