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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Nov 23, 2022.


In regards to Credit Freeze, is this a good idea for 800+ score person with years of history? To do the same freeze on all the websites shown on Apr. 9 2022 Question?

Question submitted on Apr 9, 2022.
I'm a U.S. citizen living overseas. My U.S. credit report results are "You have no accounts reported."

Is there any way that I can use this to my advantage?

The good news is that nothing bad is on your credit reports. The bad news is that nothing good is on your credit reports either.

My suggestion would be to first, get all your credit scores. More than likely they will be low as there is nothing good. 

Based on you score freeze the outside sources (do the below):

Credit Freeze


Opening some credit cards and bank accounts would be extremely beneficial. I also suggest freezing several outside sources that report into the credit bureau. Please contact me because I will provide you with whom to contact, how, and what to say. 

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