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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Feb 27, 2022.


I'm interested in a software that I can bring together spending and saving and show where all my money is at a glance?


I admit I am not the most qualified to answer this question because I personally do not use any particular software.  I use Quickbooks for my business, but my personal spending is relatively straight forward so I am not using any software to track my personal spending.  However, I try to put all my expenses on my credit card so I can track the expenses that way.  If I need to pay anything out of my bank account, I use bill pay as much as possible so those expenses are tracked.  I hardly use cash, so there is very little leakage in my spending.

Sort your expenses by category:  recurring and non recurring.  For the non-recurring expenses, put them on your calendar so you know they will be coming up.  This could be property taxes, car insurance, home insurance, etc.   Recurring expenses are your rent and mortgage, utility bills, etc.

I know there are many vendors trying to sell their software and apps.   I see many commercials for them, but have not considered them.  I am uncomfortable with giving my personal financial information to third parties.

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