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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Apr 2, 2019.


I'm a 38 year old full-time honor student. I work part time but that barely covers my rent. I recently got a 2006 ford escape and my insurance is going to be almost $200 a month. I haven't had insurance for years because I didn't need it and now i do. what can i do to bring that monthly premium down a little?


Your best bet is to shop around and gather as many comparable rates as you can.  This is particularly true for those who have difficult to insure driving histories.  When you shop, be sure to make "apples to apples" comparisons.  Often, policies that report lower premiums may not represent the same coverages.  You will be at an advantage if you have identified the coverages you require and have multiple options from reputable companies in front of you before you make a decision.  

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