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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Jan 31, 2019.


I am 62 and looking into retiring. The problem is that I will need health insurance for the 3 years until I qualify for Medicare. My spouse is eligible for Medicare now. We have savings we can live on till I turn 65. If we have a limited income ($16,000-64,000), can I qualify for an ACA/Obamacare subsidy?


Open enrollment for 2019 continues until January 15, but the deadline to get coverage effective on January 1 is December 15.

The income amounts to get 2019 Obamacare subsidies are based on – but higher than – last year’s federal poverty level (FPL). These discounts on your monthly health insurance payment are also known as premium tax credits.

Minimum Income for 2019 Obamacare Subsidies?

To get Obamacare subsidies, your household must make at least 100 percent of the federal poverty level in 2018 – or:

2019 Total Household Income for Minimum ACA Subsidy

  •   1 person: $12,140
  •   2 people: $16,460

Here is a GREAT website link that should easily explain in detail who qualifies:

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