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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Feb 4, 2013.


Hello, my ex husband had a individually owned checking account that he over drew. The credit union charged the joint checking account as well as a jointly held credit card with the overage. This charge into the joint checking account created an overdraft of $589 since I paid the mortgage not knowing of the charge out of my ex husbands checking account. Space coast credit union tried to collect from me but stopped after I wrote a letter to them. This charged off joint checking acct is on my credit now and is affecting my ability to refinance the mortgage. I am listed as a joint owner on my ex husbands individual checking account statement but I never had access to the account nor did I sign any paperwork to be a joint owner on his account. What do I need to do to get this one negative item removed from my credit and is the credit union in the right to list me as a joint owner on his account trying to hold me responsible for his debt?


Hi - I am sorry to hear about this problem. Trying contacting the credit union that help the account in question. Request that the credit union forward you the account establishment documents. These document should prove that the account should have never been titled as a joint account if you never signed the paperwork.

One you have this proof, you can contact Experian to dispute the discrepancy on your credit report. Once the discrepancy is removed, you may be able to then refinance your house. Keep in mind that credit monitoring agencies may take several weeks to months to review disputes on your credit report. Good luck!

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