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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on May 23, 2019.


After $400 for rent and $200 for food, my monthly income is gone, and I don't qualify for welfare. For the truly poor there is no excess to save. What is you advice for my situation.
Look at the federal budget and try to fix that also.


Based on the  income numbers you list, it does sound like you may be eligible for some Federal assistance.  For example, the Food Stamp Program, the gross monthly income allowable for a household of one is $1619 and $2024 for age 60 and older or disabled. And this amount increases as the size of your household increases.  

However, if you cannot qualify, then look into public housing in your area, this would save you on your monthly rent expense.  Also, there are a lot of service organizations (religious and secular) that provide food and clothing free of charge.  You should be able to get medical insurance with the Affordable Care Act and qualify for the income subsidies.  

Again, based on your income, I believe there is aid available from many organizations. You can go to a library and ask for assistance in locating some of these agencies.  Also, check out this government website:  It details benefits available for low income individuals for food, healthcare, and housing.  And if you need additional help, check out the state agencies that can act as a backstop when you don't qualify for Federal assistance. 

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