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Jim Minor, CPA/PFS


We strive to serve the middle income clients in our community using a holistic planning approach.  Although many clients expect a financial planner to expose them to the "flavor of the day" in the investment world, sometimes the client first needs advice on budgeting to live within their means, developing an emergency fund and reducing their debt load before they start saving for the future.  After the client has a good financial foundation, we can then begin to focus on wealth building through retirement savings, education savings and after-tax investments. 

Contrary to the "flavor of the day" approach, we believe in educating clients on the benefits of allocating investments over a broad range of asset classes and rebalancing the portfolio on a regular basis to capture the gains on appreciation in some investments and using those proceeds to buy others that may be out of favor for one reason or another.  In addition, we encourage our clients to stay with the investment plan they developed both in good and bad times for the financial markets.

We also work closely with the other members of the client's financial team such as attorneys to make sure estate planning documents such as wills and trusts are up to date as well as insurance agents to make sure the client is adequately insured against risks such as premature death and long-term health care needs.

State: North Carolina

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