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Cory S. Colquette, CPA/PFS


Cory has extensive experience in the fee-only financial planning and wealth management business.  He is an owner of Integra Wealth, an independent wealth management firm in Chattanooga, TN.  Cory specializes in providing total wealth management solutions to clients and helping clients achieve their goals. 

Cory has a Master in Business Administration specializing in finance.  He uses his education and experience to help people make the best decisions about their money.  He has found that the primary determinant of financial success or failure is investor behavior; most investors tend to make bad decisions about financial matters.  His goal is to educate investors and to distill the complex information that people are exposed to daily.  With proper financial education and access to good information, investors have the best chance of reaching their goals and having the time and ability to do what is important to them. 

Cory has worked with clients from different backgrounds and at different stages; some are just starting out and others have already retired.  This depth of experience gives him a unique perspective on how to help individuals no matter their situation.  Integra Wealth specialized in working with widows and divorced women, entrepreneurs and business owners, professionals, and those who are getting ready to retire or have recently retired.

Mr. Colquette is a goal-based advisor and his process is planning driven.  There is no “one size fits all” answer to financial planning; everyone is unique and needs a customized solution.    

State: Tennessee

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