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We've assembled a volunteer panel of qualified CPAs that have attained the Personal Financial Specialists (PFS) credential for comprehensive financial planning to act as Money Doctors and answer questions from consumers regarding their financial planning issues. The program is offered as a public service and is designed to help and protect consumers by providing guidance on basic financial planning issues.

Recent Q & A's

  • In a prior question on this site (10/16/17) you suggested default & repossession as a solution to a seriously underwater auto loan. Negative impact on credit history and...
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  • If I pull money out of my HSA investment account to pay for a qualified medical reimbursement, do I also pay capital gains taxes on that money? Thanks!
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  • My husband and I are in our early 30s and are thinking about buying a house. We have an emergency fund and are on track with retirement savings, with no debt. Our savings are...
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