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We've assembled a volunteer panel of qualified CPAs that have attained the Personal Financial Specialists (PFS) credential for comprehensive financial planning to act as Money Doctors and answer questions from consumers regarding their financial planning issues. The program is offered as a public service and is designed to help and protect consumers by providing guidance on basic financial planning issues.

Recent Q & A's

  • What are the best options for an individual that's looking to invest, but only makes 40k a year before taxes?
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  • I reach my FRA (full retirement age) this sept 2019, I am 66. If I were to start taking Social Security next year in 2020 when I turn 67, I heard the the Social Security...
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  • I have already did a transfer of my credit cards to a credit union. Now I want to do a consolidated debt loan with the same credit union ie home equity loan and a finance...
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