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Ask the Money Doctor


We've assembled a volunteer panel of qualified CPAs that have attained the Personal Financial Specialists (PFS) credential for comprehensive financial planning to act as Money Doctors and answer questions from consumers regarding their financial planning issues. The program is offered as a public service and is designed to help and protect consumers by providing guidance on basic financial planning issues.

Recent Q & A's

  • I am under 55 and have been with my company for 21+ years. I have a defined benefit pension with my company as well as a 401k. I am fully vested in both plans. My question...
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  • Hello, I want to invest in my relative's new start up business in Maryland. What should I consider prior to transferring money from my bank account to his LLC? Do I need...
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  • I have a two-tiered question. First, do you agree that a traditional installment loan structure is the best model for small-dollar loans, offering the least risk and best...
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