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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Jun 19, 2013.


My 18 year old son tried to open a checking account with a debit card to have his work checks deposited into the bank directly. He was denied by Citizen''s bank stating something from Experian influenced the decision. So he wrote to all three credit bureau''s looking for the problem - and all three sent back that there was no history to report. He did it twice with the explanation from Citizens rejection and all the proper ID they required. So he tried to open an account with TD Bank and was told the same thing. Do you know why this could be happening? Thank you.


It is unlikely that 2 banks would deny your son’s checking account application based on no credit history. Another reporting agency that banks utilize is ChexSystems. This report provides banking history. It would be in your best interest to order a copy of the consumer report and see if there is any negative activity attached to your son’s social security number. This free report is available at

In the meantime, contact your own bank to see if you could set up an account in his name with yourself as a co-signer

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