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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Jan 10, 2014.


I ruined my credit in my 20s, I started to repair it in tmy early 30s then went back to school and had to let it all go bad or not finish school, so I let it go. Now im 43, im a registeted nurse but have horrendous credit that I just have no idea how to fix or even where to start. How can I repair my credit?


There is no quick fix to repair a credit score. Begin with responsible payment practices: bring past-due accounts up-to-date and then stay on track with making payments on time. Your payment history is the most significant factor in calculating your score. It will take time to see improvement, but older problems will begin to weigh less as they are replaced by positive payment behavior.

Additionally, stop accumulating additional debts on credit cards and pay down outstanding, carried balances as quickly as possible.

It is also important to periodically obtain your credit report, generally available for free, and review it thoroughly. If you find errors in payment history or account balances, contact the credit bureau(s) and have the errors fixed.

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