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Residual and partial disability benefits


Your disability policy may contain either a residual or partial disability provision that spells out what benefits you'll receive if you cannot work full-time after becoming disabled due to illness or injury. Residual or partial benefits may be part of your base coverage or offered as an optional rider.


Residual Disability Benefits


Partial Disability Benefits

Based on your loss of earning power. Your benefit is proportionate to the earning power you've lost, regardless of how many hours you work. For instance, if you suffer a 70% loss of predisability income, you'll receive 70% of your total disability benefit for as long as you are disabled (up to the maximum benefit period specified in the policy). Based on your loss of time on the job. You'll generally receive a fixed 50% of your total disability benefit for a short period of time (usually 6-12 months) regardless of your percentage loss of earnings.