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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Jan 7, 2012.


What are my options for getting a financial adviser at a reasonable rate?

Broker, Accountant, Other? Too many extenuating circumstances to ask here, I''d imagine. But the long and short of it is: I''m an American living in Spain, my father made me a gift of $9,000 for a nest egg. Would like to diversify but am not sure if the old advice applies in current economic climate (My only source of knowledge is "Personal Finance for Dummies" 2007). U.S. credit union account, 3 Spanish accounts, tax issues, zero investment experience: Lot of hand-holding will be necessary in the beginning.

Any suggestions will be welcome. Thanks in advance!


Start by talking to other successful people that you know, particularly those that have circumstances similar to yours.  Ask for a reference.  Interview several financial advisors.  Since you only have $9,000 to invest, you may have to do much of the research yourself.  Consider a class through a local university.

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