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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Feb 6, 2013.


My grandsons Father was murdered and after applying for SSI for him we found out his father had done time but had never worked in his life. Are there any funding out there that my daughter can apply for to help her support her son. She is a fulltime senior in college and works parttime. Thank you.


Your daughter should go to the Financial Aid office at her school to see what type of aid is available to her. There are many sources of aid - federal, state, school, and private. She should go to her County Social Services or it can be called the County Human Services Agency to see what type of aid is available for her and her son. She should go to the local Social Security office to see if there is any available Survivor or Widow benefits. Have you checked to see if he had any life insurance, annuities, retirement accounts, or any assets? Did she check his home for any clues on any available assets? Your daughter should also go to the Probate Court to see if there is any estate to claim. She can also check with the State Treasurer to see if there are any unclaimed assets.

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