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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on May 16, 2012.


If my step dad is 59 and my mom dies does he get all of her social security benefits? He''s been married to her for 13 yrs. Do I receive any benefits? Does he get a percentage or all of her benefits until he can collect his own or does he get a one-time payout in CA of $255? What if he''s 60?


If your mother were to die, your step-dad can receive benefits on your mother's account when he is 60 years old, unless he were to remarry before turning 60.  When he reaches retirmement age, he can apply for his own benefits.

Benefits are payable to children who are under 18 or up to 19 if attending elementary or secondary school, or if the child was disabled before age 22.

The special death benefit payment of $255 is payable to the surviving spouse who was living in the same house, or if there is no surviving spouse, to children who were eligible to receive benefits.

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