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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on May 20, 2012.


I need to increase my credit score I owe 250. On a credit card 250.on a department card and 400. Cable bill my current score is 530


You should request and review your credit report.   If there is any payment history that is not correct, you can request that the credit agencies investigate it and correct it.  Second, see if you have any unused lines of credit or credit cards  Having too much outstanding credit, even if not used, can decrease your credit score.

Always make your payments on a timely basis.  Late payments cause your credit score to be lower.  Balances should not be carried on utilities like cable bills; they should be paid in full each month. 

Increasing your credit score will take time.  It's important to be consistent in paying your bills and managing your credit responsibly.

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and, you can assess your credit on the 360 degrees of Financial Literacy section of the AICPA website

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