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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Jul 18, 2014.


I have several US Retirement Bonds (Public Debt Series No. 1-63)i wish to redeem and have been told they matured in 30 years (1999). No where in the packet of information or what i can find online indicates any kind of maturity date except when the owner has died. can you help me or can you lead me to someone who can give me a correct answer? thanks so much.
Nancy Herman


You may wish to visit the US Treasury Dept.'s website at  There's a search function on that site that can give you some very useful information.  The information that I reviewed indicates that the Retirement Bonds accrue interest until the owner reaches age 70 1/2.  The interest is determined by the issue date of the bonds, remains fixed for the life of the bonds and compounds semi-annually.  These bonds haven't been issued since 1982 (which is probably why you've been having so much trouble finding someone who can give you information about these securities), and if you're fortunate enough to have some of the later bonds you'll want to keep those as long as possible.  The interest rates fluctuated during the life of this program, but the final bonds were issued with a 9% rate.  Investors would love to see something like that these days.  The website includes forms to help you redeem the bonds and two publications (Form PD 4651 & 4652) that will help you determine what the bonds are currently worth.  For those bonds that are no longer paying interest of if you are ready to redeem them, they are eligible for rollover into an IRA account.

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