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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Feb 2, 2014.


I have an A&B Trust. My husband passed away in 2005 and I did not have the trust divided because I did not have enough money. We had the trust made up because of a disabled son. The lawyer did an A&B trust that we did not understand. When I pass away how does this affect my children?


Without reading the trust document, it is impossible to know how your children will be effected when you pass away.

It sounds like now is a good time to go back to that attorney and make certain that you understand the document and that you know what will happen when you pass away. Ask what provisions were made for your disabled son. If there are provisions for your disabled son, who will be the trustee after you pass away.

Do you have any other children that might be beneficiaries of your estate or of the trusts created under your husband''s will? If so, what provisions were made for those children.

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