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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on May 29, 2012.


I have a small service business run as an LLC. We have been using quickbooks, but need to upgrade and would like to use a web based program instead. Our business is a dog daycare, so our clients pay daily or buy packages in advance, some retail, grooming and training. We have found QB to be tooo big of a program for us, and would like some recommendations. Thank you. Sue


I have consulted with our small business group regarding your question.  Based on this information, we would advise you to retain this program as Quick Books (QBs) is the easiest entry level accounting package available.  Any software with fewer bells and whistles is just going to be a personal finance package like Quicken which is not a double entry system and is not meant for business.  As a result, we would recommend that you continue to use QB but possibly get some training in using it.  

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