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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Jul 29, 2014.


I am a terminal ill 45year old female I receive $ 1500 SSA. My husband works and we have a 50,000 life insurance do I qualify for accelerated life insurance. I am a terminal ill women, I have another question can I still buy disability insurance from a private company do to my sickness and unavailable to work we lost our home. The bank call us this week and told us they are selling our home in December 4, 2014 they are legally ready to reposes our home but between my husband and my self we don't make enough to rent a place and live in Miami his income is low and my social security low we have two teen age boys who are in 11 and 12 grade. Or can my husband purchase a disability insurance thru his company for please can you help us with solution to help us with this desperation a of ours please!!!! Thank you for your time and prompt respond.


We are so sorry to hear about your health diagnosis and financial troubles.  Not knowing the terms of your insurance plans, the best advice we can give you is to reach out to your life insurance company to see if you qualify for accelerated life insurance under the terms of your plan.  Similarly, please call the Human Resources Company at your husband's employer regarding his disability insurance options.  Finally, call the Bank and ask for a supervisor to discuss your situation and ask what options are available to you to stay in your home.  It may be best for you to move and look into Community Services and housing which is available for low income families through your County.  Hoping that this helps.  Good luck to you.

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