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Are You Ready for Tax Season?

The IRS will accept tax returns starting Jan. 23, 2017 so it's a good time to start preparing.  Below are a few reminders from the IRS to help prevent any interruptions to processing your return and any refund you may be owed.

  • Did you move? Be sure to tell the US Postal Service, your employer and the IRS. To notify the IRS, mail IRS Form 8822, Change of Address, to the address listed on the form’s instructions.
  • Did you buy health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace? Remember to notify the Marketplace if you moved out of the area covered by the current Marketplace plan.
  • Did your name change in 2016 due to marriage or divorce? Notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) so the new name will match IRS and SSA records. Also notify the SSA if a dependent’s name changed. A mismatch between the name shown on your tax return and the SSA records can cause problems in the processing of your return and may even delay your refund.
  • Do you use an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)? if you have not used it at least once on a tax return in the past three years, it expires Dec. 31, 2016. In addition, an ITIN with middle digits 78 or 79 will  expire on Jan. 1. Those with expiring ITINs who need to file a return in 2017 must renew their ITIN. This may take a while so start the renewal process as soon as possible. For more information, go the IRS ITIN page