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Can the IRS waive the 60-day IRA rollover deadline?

If you take a distribution from your IRA intending to make a 60-day rollover, but for some reason the funds don't get to the new IRA trustee in time, the tax impact can be devastating. In general, the rollover is invalid, the distribution becomes a taxable event, and you're treated as having made a regular, instead of a rollover, contribution to the new IRA. But all may not be lost. The 60-day requirement can be automatically waived in some cases, and the IRS has the discretion to waive the rule in others. The 60-day requirement is automatically waived if all of the following apply:

  • The financial institution receives the funds on your behalf before the end of the 60-day rollover period
  • You followed all the procedures set by the financial institution for depositing funds into an IRA within the 60-day period (including giving instructions to deposit the funds into an IRA)
  • The funds are not deposited into an IRA within the 60-day rollover period solely because of an error on the part of the financial institution
  • The funds are deposited within 1 year from the beginning of the 60-day rollover period
  • It would have been a valid rollover if the financial institution had deposited the funds as instructed

If you don't qualify for an automatic waiver, you can apply to the IRS for a discretionary waiver. The IRS may waive the 60-day requirement where failure to do so would be against equity or good conscience, such as in the event of a casualty, disaster, or other event beyond your reasonable control. The IRS will consider all relevant facts and circumstances, including:

  • Whether errors were made by the financial institution (in addition to those described under automatic waiver, above)
  • Whether you were unable to complete the rollover on a timely basis due to death, disability, hospitalization, incarceration, restrictions imposed by a foreign country, or postal error
  • Whether you used the amount distributed
  • How much time has passed since the date of distribution