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Investment Portfolio


  • Building an investment portfolio
  • Compounding Can Add Fuel to Your Portfolio

    If you enter the terms "Albert Einstein" and "compounding" into an Internet search engine, you'll discover a wide variety of quotes attributed to the great inventor. Some results say Einstein called compounding the "greatest mathematical discovery of all time," while others say he called it the "most powerful force in the universe." Despite the many variations, Einstein's point is valid: compounding can add fuel to your portfolio's growth. The key is to allow enough time to let it go to work.

  • Creating an investment portfolio

    As you create your portfolio, keep in mind that it should contain a variety of investments. It should be balanced, holding investments of varying degrees of risk. You'll want to understand your own tolerance for risk, which may depend on your goals, life stage, and investment experience. If planning your portfolio seems overwhelming, consider working with a stockbroker, financial planner, or professional money manager.

  • Evaluating risk in your portfolio

    There are several factors to consider when evaluating your portfolio. Have you thought of them all?

  • The Investment Policy Statement: A Portfolio's Road Map



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