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Credit History and Reports


  • 529 Plans: The Ins and Outs of Contributions and Withdrawals

    Understanding the rules that govern contributions and withdrawals will help you take full advantage of your 529 plan. For example, both prepaid tuition plans and college savings plans limit the total amount that may be contributed on behalf of one beneficiary. Some plans also have minimum contribution requirements. Withdrawals from a 529 plan that are used to pay qualified education expenses are tax free at the federal level, but beware of nonqualified withdrawals, which don't enjoy the same tax-favored treatment. The timing of your withdrawals is also an important consideration.

  • How Student Loans Impact Your Credit

    Your student loans can have a big impact on your credit score and credit history. Establishing a good repayment record and paying down your student loan debt is important if you want to obtain new credit.

  • Understanding your credit report

    If you're about to apply for credit, get a copy of your credit report so you can see what lenders see when they evaluate your creditworthiness. To make sure your credit record is correct and consistent, obtain a copy from each of the three major credit-reporting agencies; the reports may be free or have a low fee. Among other things, the reports contain information on your accounts with each lender, the type of account, your payment history, and current account status. You can formally request an investigation to dispute incorrect or misleading information on your report.