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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Jul 3, 2011.


My son passed away July of 08. I am now raising his son and have been since the day after his death. His mother hasn''t even called once since. My son was 26 and passed unexpectedly. My son had real bad seizures and could not work much and he had trouble getting anyone to hire him. he has not enough credits payed in to Social Security. We tried to get a disability for him since he started having seizures and he was never approved. Is there any form of Survivors Benefits that he can draw on? I know of people who have died and their kids get something and they never worked before their deaths. I need some kind of help for him besides SNAP. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


If the your son accumulated 40 quarters of social security credits prior to his death, his surviving spouse (if married) and child would be immediately elegible for benefits. However, there is an exception if your son did not accumulate the required credits.  If your son worked at least one and one half years (6 credit quarters) during the three years preceeding his death, the survivor(s) would be elegible for benefits.  The credit quarters do not have to be based on full time employment. 

You should call social security services and they would be able to determine your son's eligibility and subsequently your grandchild's possible benefits.  Have your son's social security number and date of death available when you call.

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