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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Aug 17, 2013.


My grandmother owns two house,one house is in her name only and the other is in mine and my dad plus her.She''s going into a nursing home, we're going to sell her house to pay for all her needs. I'm just wondering about the other house that we own that she don't live or pay into.


Generally, to qualify for medicaid, jointly held real-estate is not required to be sold to provide for your Mother's care if the sale would cause undue hardship, due to loss of housing, for the other joint owner(s). So, if someone is living in her second home, generally, you don''t have to sell the house.

In the same manner, to qualify for Medicaid, she also doesn't have to sell her main home (or primary residence) to provide care so long as the house is not valued at more than $500,000 (adjusted for inflation).

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