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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Dec 6, 2012.


My father left us when we were young and divorced my mother. He was lost for 25 year and just recently I found my uncle (which is his brother) whom also didn''t know where my father was. a few months later my uncle received a call from the cook county morgue that my father was found already deceased. My mother says he never paid child support when we were young so my question is, is there anything that can be done about collecting any of his social security?


Thank you for the question. There are a lot of issues here, so I will give you some tips that hopefully will lead to in the right direction. As far as social security, it depends on a few factors; how long were your mother and father married? If they were married at least 10 years, then she should be able to receive benefits. As far as what benefits she could collect, that depends on her age. You and any siblings would not be able to collect anything from his social security if you are over age 18. Your mother can go to the local social security office and bring a copy of their marriage certificate, divorce decree and death certificate; and she should be able to get the answers to your questions. I hope this helps.


Cory S. Colquette, MBA, CPA/PFS

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