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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Jan 24, 2011.


I started an LLC in 2009 and placed a rental home on the market in 2009 in a different state. I need to find an honest reliable CPA that can assist me with my taxes/setting up my business. Could you recommend anyone in the DC/MD/VA area? I live in DC. Thank you,


Although I cannot give you a specific recommendation, I can give you some thoughts on finding a CPA that can help that allows you to search for a CPA in your area.

As you look for a CPA, consider the following: a) does he or she work with clients that have a similar profile/situation as you?; b) how large or small is the CPA’s firm and what additional resources, above and beyond basic tax preparation, would he/she be able to bring to you in the future as your busienss grows; c) does the CPA have specific experience in helping clients with real estate businesses; d) can the CPA provide an estimate of the fees for his/her services?

I hope that helps….good luck!

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