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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Sep 4, 2012.


I filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and included the HOA,s claim for fee...since being discharge they say I owe for the time the bank left the house attourneys are after me asking for a lump sum, or they will take me to court, I have an extremely tight budget with 2 teenagers at home and I get lil support for 1 child. I have sent them some money over the past 6 months, but never recieved any confirmation that they were willing to accept a min another letter came asking for 1600.00, and I don''t have any credit, any suggestions how I can get them to settle out of court? Help broke and confussed!


I would first read the blogs like "Living Lies" to see if you even owe on the mortgage to those claiming you do.

Stop sending money!!! This sounds like a scam.

You owe NOTHING since the bankruptcy. Especially for the "house sitting empty".

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