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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Apr 4, 2011.


I am interested in returning to college after six years to upgrade my skills to give me more of an edge in the job market and increase my income. I am a college graduate with a bachelors degree and work as a customer service agent. I do not have the money to go back to school. Are there any types of financial aid programs, other than student loans which I am not taking chances with, for college graduates who are living "paycheck to paycheck"?


Will your employer pay for your education to advance in the company?

Does your company have any scholarship programs for college?

Talk to management about your plans. They may be supportive since good employees are hard to find. This would mean going to school at night or around your work schedule. Many schools have online courses. I am sure they would like to see you advance in the company.

Talk to alumni from the programs you are interested in attending, they should have some tips for you.

The financial aid office at the school has many resources. However be carefuly about loading yourself with student loans.

Good luck!

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