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Question for the Money Doctors

Question submitted on Feb 11, 2014.


Completing a new W4 for marriage couples with two jobs. My wife and I have a house plus student loans, retirement accounts and so forth. The IRS website is a bit confusing and online sites also. Do we really need to hire someone to help for something that should be straight forward


You can go to and print a copy of the 2014 Form w-4. It is only 2 pages, including the instructions. You shouldn't need to pay someone to help you complete this form. Read the instructions very carefully and you can do this. The form basically converts your deductions and credits that you expect to take on your joint tax return and converts this to exemptions that you should claim.

You might have someone in the Human Resources department of your employer look over the form after you complete your W-4 Form. Understanding how to complete your W-4 Form is a good first step to understanding how to project your personal tax liability.

Good Luck!

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